Photographer Lola Pidluskaya - Photobylola, lolapi, Lola Pi. Photographer in Shanghai, China. Professional photographer in Shanghai.


My name is Lola, I was born in Minsk, I have been living in Shanghai since the beginning of this century. 

My love for photography started in childhood when I was shooting on film cameras. Since then, I have come a long way from digital “soap boxes” to a professional Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera, and now I even use iPhone and Midjourney neural network to create unique photos. 

My professional life started in 2003 in Shanghai. I have several years of living and shooting on Hainan Island under my belt. This tropical island hardened me with its challenging conditions: inconsistent weather, exhausting heat. Besides, there I gained invaluable experience in finding the best angles and posing people of any build and age. Another bonus of the experience of photo shoots on the island is the habit of working fast. The clients there were, of course, mostly tourists who needed to be given the photos before they got home. In those years the internet and the possibility of uploading huge amounts to the cloud were not yet so developed. So to this day I still give photos very quickly in the usual way, surprising many people :) 

 Since 2015 I have been living in Shanghai again. The daily changing metropolis keeps me energized and I am happy to rediscover it every year. I will share this knowledge with you by selecting the most suitable locations for shoots. In addition to on-camera photo shoots, I also take you on photo walks with your phone to capture reels, stories and photos that you can use on your social media accounts the same day. I will design the best itinerary for you around the city, according to your interests, images and style. 

 What else I can offer you: 

 Photo walks around the city: One of the most popular and sought after types of photography in Shanghai. Often just one hour is enough to get over 100 memorable quality beautiful photos at the end. 

Event Reporting: With extensive experience in artistic photography, my event reporting is not just about capturing the event, but also about taking beautiful photos. 

In-home photo shoots: If you live in Shanghai, I will come to you and create cozy, personalized photos. 

Studio shoots: If you don’t need me, I will rent you a professional photo studio, with any equipment to meet your most incredible needs and the ability to realize the most daring lighting solutions. 

Hotel photo shoots: The perfect alternative to an interior studio or home shoot. 

Traveling shoots: Ready to travel with you to other cities and countries to create your unique photos. 

I am always ready for open and friendly communication. As soon as you decide on a shoot date and make a deposit, I will be in touch to help you prepare for the photo shoot. Paying attention to each client, I offer a personalized approach to each photo shoot. You can rely on me for everything and feel free to ask any questions that arise in the process of preparation. Together we can determine the location of the shoot and choose the best image for you. I am also ready to help in renting a studio if necessary, or to arrange a makeup artist. 

 LOLA PI is a brand! (From 2003 to 2023 known as PHOTO BY LOLA)

Photo shoot for modeling card. Male model in Shanghai
Photographer Lola Pidluskaya - Photo shoot in Shanghai, Yu Garden of Joy. Mom and daughter.
Photographer Lola Pidluskaya - glamorous photo shoot for a model. Place of shooting - fashionable hotel
Photo shoot for two girlfriends in a luxury hotel room. They are celebrating the New Year, feeding each other.
Sport photo shoot in Shanghai. Photographer - Lola Pidluskaya. The girl at the start is going to run
Photo session in a hotel room. Photographer Lola Pidluskaya. Girl in a bathtub with golden faucet, in soapy foam. girl covered with gold - unique makeup
Photo shoot in lavender fields in Shanghai. Photographer Lola Pidluskaya holds annual photo shoots in lavender fields in May
Charming girl on the background of Shanghai. Long-legged slender model with gorgeous long hair on Lujiazui background
Photographer Lola Pidluskaya. Photo session in Love Story style. Couple - man and woman. Photo session in the French quarter of Shanghai.
A romantic photo shoot in the rapeseed fields. Sea of yellow flowers. Photographer in Shanghai - Lola Pidluskaya
Photo shoot for tourists from Indonesia. Couples photo shoot, romantic shoot. Photography on the background of the ancient iron bridge in Shanghai - Garden Bridge
Original wedding photography for a couple from Indonesia. Bride in white pantsuit and veil. Shooting on the Bund, Shanghai. Photographer - Lola Pidluskaya
Photographer Lola Pidluskaya - Photobylola, lolapi, Lola Pi. Photographer in Shanghai, China. Professional photographer in Shanghai.
Романтическая фотосессия в Yu Garden, Shanghai. Атмосферная съемка под моросящим дождем.
Photographer in Shanghai — Lola Pidluskaya
Studio photo shoot. Dancer in motion, developing hair. Photographer in Shanghai
Photographer Lola Pidluskaya - Photobylola, lolapi, Lola Pi. Photographer in Shanghai, China. Family photo shoot.
Photographer in Shanghai — Lola Pidluskaya
Girl smoking hookah. Dancer, belly dancing. Studio photo shoot in Shanghai
Фотосессия в храме Longhua, Шанхай. Семейная фотосессия - папа, мама и сын
Family photo shoot at your home. Photographer in Shanghai - Lola Pidluskaya
Family photo session at your home. Photographer in Shanghai - Lola Pidluskaya. Christmas shooting. Mother and son in the dark, romantic fairy-tale atmosphere
Photographer Lola Pidluskaya - Photobylola, lolapi, Lola Pi. Photographer in Shanghai, China. Professional photographer in Shanghai.
Dad and baby. Touching soulful photo about father and baby relationship, photo shoot at home. Newborn baby.
Travel photo shoot in Suzhou. Photographer Lola Pidluskaya traveling to any country and city. Atmospheric photo shoots in Chinese gardens
Photo shoot of a little boy in an autumn forest, in Shanghai
Photo session of a boy in the park. Boy as a gnome. Artistic photo session. Photographer Lola Pidluskaya
Photo session of a boy in the park. Boy as a gnome. Artistic photo session. Photographer Lola Pidluskaya. A boy looking at flowers under a magnifying glass. Gnome botanist.
Atmospheric photo shoot in 1950s style in Shanghai. Pioneer girl in the Garden of Joy reading a book.
Фотосессия для новорожденного малыша в Шанхае. Фотограф - Лола Пидлуская


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How long does a photo shoot last

From 1 to 5 hours

Is it possible to share a photo shoot with friends?

Yes. For a company of up to 5 people, the shooting cost remains the same. More than 5 + 300¥ each person.

Do I need a deposit and can I do without it?

It is desirable to make a deposit for booking the shooting 1-2 weeks before it — 500¥ on AliPay

May be without it, but the booking of the photo session is not guaranteed.

What are the possible additional costs?

Payment for travel in Shanghai, if it is more than 20 km. Or travel to another city (country)

Payment for accommodation and meals (if you order shooting in another city)

Waiting time (if you are late for shooting for any reason) — 200¥ per hour.

How to get a photo shoot cheaper?

  1. Buy a gift certificate. In this case, the photo shoot is paid in full with a 5% to 10% discount 
  2. You can ask for a 5% discount if you provide social media links 
  3. If you shoot reportage from 3 hours, 20% discount
  4. For regular clients. For every third shooting — 10% discount 
  5. iPhone shooting — 700¥ per hour, 3 hours — 1800¥
  6. Purchase an annual pass for 8 shooting hours or more. Each hour in this case — 1000¥. Separately each time paid travel photographer to the place of shooting.

What technique is used in the job?

  • Canon L IS series lenses: 24-70mm f/2.8, 70-200mm f/2.8, 85mm f/1.2, 16-35mm f/2.8, FishEye 15mm f/2.8Canon 600EX flash unit
  • Godox video light
  • iPhone 12Pro
  • iMac 27''
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Are the photos stored with the photographer?

  1. Yes, photos are stored on hard disks for at least a year (archive request in case of lost or damaged photos — 100¥).

This service does not apply to those shoots for which exclusive rights are claimed (without the right to publish in my portfolio and social networks).

In the cloud storage photos are stored for one month. Each additional month — 50¥ 

How do you gift a photo shoot to a friend?

You can order a gift certificate for a friend. In digital or printed form. 

If you order a digital certificate, a 10% discount is offered. If printed — 5%. 

Payment is immediate. The certificate is valid for six months.


Photographer in Shanghai — Lola Pidluskaya

The photos are gorgeous! You can print them in books about ballet and choreography :) Thank you for your hard work, for your talent!!! You are a super photographer! Love you as a creator and as a person! Open, sincere, talented, cheerful!

Photographer in Shanghai — Lola Pidluskaya

Wow wow wow! Sooooo nice! You are amazing in choosing the right places and positioning us in a beautiful way!

Thank you so much! 

Photographer in Shanghai — Lola Pidluskaya

Lola! I just don’t have words for what a beauty this is! I don’t know how to tell you! I am so emotional! How beautifully everything turned out, how everything is made up, how thoroughbred! How you fit, how you see it all! There are no words! I tell you, quality people always do quality things! You’re just such an artist! I like it a lot!

Photographer in Shanghai — Lola Pidluskaya

Oh, my God, I’m so beautiful! :) My self-esteem is up! No sign of sleep deprivation. Everyone’s beautiful. Very nice photos. Now I want to make an album. You’re so good! And I’m so good that I decided to do it with you! Thank you!

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